Adelynn Birthday

The day of my birthday it snowed really bad

My dad had to clean snow 3 times

Cousin Isabel at my party

Cousin Leysha

Grandma and me

My Cake

My Balloons and decoration

Singing Happy Birthday

My own Cake

Cake all over my face and hands

Family at the party

Isabel was upset with the birthday hat


Relaxing after a long day of partying

Chirstmas at Home

Me and Mom wearing our festive head ornaments

Waiting to tear into the presents

Hector opening his presents

My toy computer

My dolly

Great barn game

My ride

David opening his presents

Ridding the present Aunt Lourdes and uncle Anibal gave me

Christmas at aunt Dory and uncle Hectors house

Cousin Jasmin and Jenice

Dad, great grandma

Cousin Jenice

Gift time

Me and great grandma

Mom and cousin Sarina

Me and Hector

My new ears

Sitting around

Uncle Pete and Sarina

Cousin Gabriel

Me and David

Me and mom