Adelynn Dancing

My Friend Idalyz Birthday

This is my Friend Idalyz and her mom Maggie

Mom and I

Playing with cousin Isa

Playing with Idalyz

Cousin Isa competing with Junior's Belly

Junior and Hector brainstorming a
party for the guys!!!!!!!!

Joe was playing tricks on Isa

Cousin Isa is break dancing

Singing Happy Birthday

We are checking out Idalyz toy's

Showing off my walking skills


Visited Elgin High School to see my brother David wrestle

Hector went with us

With my Brother David

My Cousin Jenice

David wrestling "he won" David is in the white!


Getting off my Ride

Sporting my dad's baseball cap

Kicking the tire's

Bringing in the New Year 2010

Thinking about what to wear...

At Uncle Joe's house

My brother David thinks he looks good

Cousin Miranda

Cousin Kevin, Natalia, Christian

Bell, Giovanni, Tatania, Kaitlyn

Cousin Vinny and Kevin


Aunt Lay

Renee and her brother Ron (a little wasted)

Party crew



Acevedo Family

My Family

Lorenzo Family

Hector, Grandma Maria and Great Grandma Ana

Hector brining in the new year

Jenice sporting her new look

David and I dancing

Cousin Gabriel

Cousin Jasmin sticking a pose

Me and mom 5 minutes before new years

Getting Ready

Happy New Years !!!!!!!!